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"Pet Memorials and Immortalizations"

Great American Bronze Works

Immortalize your loved pet forever in bronze to create a cherished eternal memory.

Below are a selection of our pet immortalizations - from dogs and cats to even birds and equines!

Click images for more details on individual bronze immortalizations.

dog memorial statue, dog memorial statues

A bronze recreation of "Bleu VI", a Great Dane, was made to honor the beloved pet's memory.

pet memorial statue, pet memorial statues Great Dane Statue, Great Dane statues

Can you tell which is the Great Dane and which is the bronze Great Dane statue?

bronze memorial statue, bronze memorial statues memorial plaque, memorial headstone, bronze headstone, bronze gravemarker

Custom bronze plaques or memorial markers can be created to honor the memory of your pet as well.


St Bernard statue, St Bernard statues, St Benard memorial

"Beethoven", a statue of a loving St. Bernard, is another example of a beloved pet recreated in a bronze memorial statue to last a lifetime. Any pet, of any size, can be immortalized forever in a bronze memorial.

dachshund statue, dachshund statues, dachshund sculptures, dachshund memorial

"Lola" encaptures the spirit and spunk of an dachshund .

bronze dog memorial statue, chow chow statue, chow chow statues

chihuahua statues, chihuahua sculptures, bronze chihuahua

These chihuahua statues show a bronze patina, as well as a painted finish. They can be positioned to match your pet's favorite pose!

chihuahua statues, chihuahua sculptures, bronze chihuahua

Busts of your pet can also be made for a timeless addition to your home.

 dog bust, dog busts, dog memorial busts, pet memorial busts Dennis Mullen pet memorial,

Dennis Mullen, known for creating the gourmet burger chain Red Robin, cherished the memory of his pets with a bronze memorial bust.

bulldog statue, bulldog statues, bulldog sculptures

Chopper, the bulldog

bulldog memorial, bulldog memorials, bulldog statues pet memorial sculpture, pet memorial sculptures dog statue, dog statues, dog sculptures bronze pet memorial, pet immortalization, pet immortalizations, labrador statues, labrador sculptures cat statues, cat sculptures, cat memorial, cat memorial statues, cat memorial sculptures

Spike, a bronze immortalization of a dignified feline.

cocker spaniel statues, cocker spaniel statue

Madonna came from an actress seeing our Sparky, The Wonder Dog, and wanting her dog immortalized in the same fun manner.

  cat statue, cat statues

Pets of all types can be remembered and immortalized as a bronze sculpture.

  veterinarian statue, veterinarian statues

Your image can be portrayed with your pet's memorial statue as well. This particular piece was created for a veterinarian, and the dog was modeled after a friend's cherished pet.

The Pretend City sculptures are another example which show how well animal sculptures can be added to the image of another.

dog memorials, dog memorial, pet memorial, pet memorials

dog statues, pet statues, pet sculptures

Cats and dogs are not the only pets we can immortalize and honor the memory of.
Any beloved animal can be recreated into bronze!

macaw statues, parrot statues, parrot sculptures, macaw sculptues

This macaw statue was inspired from one of David's beloved parrots.

horse statues, custom horse statues, custom equestrian statues

Like Burt Reynolds, you could even choose to immortalize your favorite steed!

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